Happy life wellness coach sitting on beach

"I can't seem to..."

"I don't..."

"I'll do 'X' when..."

"I'm just not understood..."

These statements run through your head constantly.


You feel misunderstood, alone, isolated, and you just can't seem to shift gears.

It's time to be inspired by your work.


Connect your passion to your business and your business to the people who share that passion.

Start waking up excited for your day and the people you get to connect with.

I can support you in getting through the cloud that keeps you down so you can reclaim your joy.

Meet Emily

Certified Life & Health Coach

Do you remember the last time you lost something and the frantic searching that ensued?


In life and business, when you feel lost or unable to connect, it feels similar to losing your keys. Flailing around, distracted by the mess on the counter, children or spouse yelling, spilled coffee on your shirt... 

Don't let being in business feel the same way. Step into the driver's seat, know that you're clear and can handle the frustrated customer, that the coffee is still in the cup.

Building your unique roadmap is easier when you have tools, like a compass and a map. It's even better when you have someone equally excited about the search and discovery as you are. 

That's coaching in a nutshell to me. And I'm ready to get to the drawing board with you.

Dare To Be Driven Program



Know Your 


Step Into Your 


Manifest Your


"I expected to learn a few tools and strategies and came away with SO MUCH MORE.  Emily expertly guided our group through a range of interesting and practical exploratory exercises--gently encouraging us, though careful not to push anyone beyond their comfort level...The program as a whole was a valuable and uplifting experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone wondering what the next step is."

-Cathy D. 

"I really liked the moments where we got to dive deeper and
be open and with others who are all at different parts of their
journey. It was challenging and pushed me to be honest with
myself too."

-Michelle A. 
on group work

"This was a wonderful experience in beginning my journey to
healing after my divorce. It greatly helped me to delve into
my actions, beliefs, and reasons for the things I hold

- Annie F. 

Who this is for:

  • You know life isn't getting better if you don't

  • You know you can create more

  • You're tired of hearing the "voice" in your head saying the same thing over and over

Who this isn't for:

  • You have suicidal or violent thoughts

  • You aren't ready to invest in your self-development

  • One-shot wonder~this isn't a quick fix, you're establishing a new way of being.

Getting Started...

"Dare to be Driven" is a 3-month program designed to support you from start to finish with your goal. 

By the end, you'll have habits in place to maintain progress towards your goals and security in your autonomy from me as your coach. 

Ready to start driving?