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"I think..."
"That's not enough."
"You don't understand me."

Your solution is right inside of you and it's as simple as listening. 

I've been there. 

A full-time seeker and do-er, it's taken me a lifetime to acknowledge my emotions as guidance for the answers. 

Speaking your language, I can be your partner in:

  • Creating deeper connection

  • Acting without frustration

  • Living a life that is free of stressful obligation and attachment

Meet Emily

Certified Transformational Life & Health Coach

When you feel lost or unable to connect in life, it feels similar to losing your keys. Completely composed and yet, distracted by the mess on the counter, children or spouse yelling, and at a loss as to how to FIX it all. You simply need your keys so you can leave.


There's not enough time to do everything that you're compelled to constantly DO. 

I've felt this so much throughout my life. Thankfully, in all of my searching, I found somatic therapies (body-based). I learned how to trust my body, my instinct, my intuition, and how to apply that to an overactive intellect. 

Life gives us gifts to share with others, and I'm here to support you in learning this language and connecting to YOUR deeper meaning of life. 

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Ignite Your Innate Intelligence



Know Your 


Take Authentic 


"I expected to learn a few tools and strategies and came away with SO MUCH MORE.  Emily expertly guided our group through a range of interesting and practical exploratory exercises--gently encouraging us, though careful not to push anyone beyond their comfort level...The program as a whole was a valuable and uplifting experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone wondering what the next step is."

-Cathy D. 

"I really liked the moments where we got to dive deeper and
be open and with others who are all at different parts of their
journey. It was challenging and pushed me to be honest with
myself too."

-Michelle A. 

"This was a wonderful experience in beginning my journey to
healing after my divorce. It greatly helped me to delve into
my actions, beliefs, and reasons for the things I hold

- Annie F. 

Who this is for:

  • You're constantly dissatisfied

  • You struggle with communication

  • You can't connect with your kids or partner

  • Do-ing is your escape

Who this isn't for:

  • You believe investing in yourself is wasteful

  • You expect me to do it for you

  • You have all the answers

Getting Started...

"Ignite Your Innate Intelligence" is a variable program. I offer 3 and 6-month programs, as well as group programs for those that don't want to jump in the deep end.

My intention is that you won't need my support after our time together. You will have the tools and habits in place to support you in your vision moving forward, and you'll be a new version of yourself that's deeply connected to your innate intelligence.

Click on that green button. Let's see how we can work together.