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23 Years of Supporting Individuals in Creating Their Path to Wellness in this 6-Week Course
This Group Course PLUS 1:1 Live Coaching Will Propel You Out of Excuses and Into Excellence

"Foundations to Empowered Wellness" Bridges the Sensory and Emotional parts of Limiting Beliefs so You Can Step Into a POWERFUL LIFE.

Starting January 4th @ 10am PST/2pm EST  for 6 Weeks

** 3 1:1 Coaching sessions designed to support YOU at the beginning, middle, and end of the course

** 6 Modules to Reveal Your Core Values, Create Powerful Habits, and Shift Your Environment

** Finish the course KNOWING you have been fully supported to carry your transformation forward

~Haig Mouradian

"I really liked the moments where we got to dive deeper and
be open and with others who are all at different parts of their
journey. It was challenging and pushed me to be honest with
myself too."
               ~Michelle A.

~Barbara Brune

Are You READY?

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Emily Kamala, MA, CHC, CTC

Emily is the educator and coach for individuals committed to a wholistic approach to living. Bringing body-based/somatic practices to heal deeply rooted beliefs empower individuals to move forward into creation energy. 
Foundations of Empowered Wellness is a course designed to harmonize all aspects of life for each participant to bring an abundance of freedom and joy. Supporting YOU to create this life is her passion.